By the grace of God, our community is a place where young people of all ages can flourish: by deepening in faith through prayer and scriptural reflection; by listening to and serving others; and by laughing, dancing, playing and having fun.

Normally, our regular meetings activities include:

A youth-led bible study every other week, from 12.15pm – 1.30pm.

  • – A social action project in each season. During lent we are reaching out to the elderly and sick.
  • – We also do have retreats and other activities centred in learning about the spiritual aspect of out faith.
  • – And not to forget our annual youth-led community day in late July.

We are open to, and encourage new ideas about youth ministries in our parish.

All are welcome to bring their gifts, hearts and ideas forward.

As of now, we are exploring, with the rest of the youth ministry in our diocese how to better run spaces where the youth can flourish in faith in God

Feb. 2019