What is RCIA?

RCIA stands for “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” It is the process through which interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic Faith and way of life.

Who is RCIA for?

(1) It is for those who are not associated with a community of faith and who wish to become Catholics.

(2) Those who want to convert to Catholicism from another faith. For them the RCIA is the process through which they will become fully pledge Catholic

(3) Those who want to learn more about the Catholic faith, RCIA fills all these needs of those who are searching and enquiring about the Catholic Faith.
Do you fall under these categories; or ever wondered what being catholic is all about? St Stephen’s parish run RCIA courses which you will find rewarding in faith. You can call in at any time or speak to the Nuns and they should be more than happy to help you.