What is the role of a Steward in the Diocese of Brentwood – England,UK ?

The role of a Steward of the Gospel is Two Fold: 1. Within the Diocese – The Steward of the Gospel is the personal link between their parish and the Diocese. With the Parish Priest, they both are representatives of the voices and thoughts of their parish. They will also serve the Diocese, when asked as agents of communication. And 2. Within the Parish – The steward would work alongside the parish priest and the PPC if their is any, to create a strong parish Community.

Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Essex and East London, what does this mean for me?

This means that as a baptised Catholic, you are encouraged to live a Christ-like life at home; at work; during travel; to your neighbours and within any community you live. Learn about more about your faith and share your faith with others. Christ loves you which is why He invites you to Himself and equally encourages you to share the peace and joy you find in Him without fear.

I have an elderly parent, and they need help, who should I speak to in church?

You can speak to the Parish Priest or any Eucharist minister before or after mass

Where can a buy my child a children Bible?

You can buy any material from the repository at the back of the church. There is not enough room for many things which is why books and other objects are subject to availability.

What time is mass…?

Mass is celebrated at 10 AM every Sunday, and 7 PM every  Wednesday at St Stephen’s Parish – Manor Park. Adoration is every Thursday, after morning Eucharistic service at 9.45 AM. All the rest of the week, there is Eucharistic service at 9 AM except Saturday’s.

I want my child to go to St. Winefride’s primary school.

Call into St. Winefride’s primary school and get the following forms: The schools application form, and The Priest form. Once you have done that then book an appointment to see the Parish Priest. Both forms can be collected from the school.

I want to become a reader/ Eucharist minister, what should I do…?

Speak to the Parish Priest about it. Equally, as the Parish Priest could sometimes be very busy indeed and hard to grab his attention, you can speak to the team leaders of each ministry. If still in doubt, contact the Parish Office

Can I have my wedding at St. Stephen’s?

Yes, you can and the first step is to speak to the Parish Priest.

I want to become a catholic

Please read these questions carefully;

(a) Are you baptised a Catholic and have left the church, or have not been for years…
(b) Have you been baptised in another denomination but not yet confirmed and want to become a catholic, or
(c) you are not a Christian at all, and want to know about Jesus Christ, His teachings and the catholic faith.

The church has a programme call RCIA that will help you fulfil that wish, and it covers the needs mentioned above. You can equally speak to a Catholic Priest or walk into any Catholic church and ask to speak to someone in authority.

I want my child’s school form to be signed.

Book an appointment to see the Parish Priest, or alternatively, as there is time dedicated for this, you will be informed in church when to do so.

How can I go to confession/ Reconciliation…?

For the sacrament of reconciliation and all other sacraments please click here

I want to be confirmed

You must be a baptised catholic and you have received the first Holy Communion or are in preparation for it. There is a programme which you can access here.

I want my child to make First Holy Communion.

Your child must have been baptised as catholic or is in preparation for baptism. Your child can only make first Holy Communion after the baptismal stage is complete. For more in formation visit Sacraments.

I want my child to be baptised, what should I do?

Baptism is celebrated every first two Saturdays of the month. You can visit the baptism page here