The Building Community team is a group of parishioners, who have it at heart to help others. Some of us either have been victims of housing issues; have worked with a local authority at a particular level and knows how the system works, or through our line of work have dealt with issues that housing – lack of housing or non repair has caused.

Nonetheless, as parishioners we believe that there are more common issues in housing than many other issues in our lives. We are here to work with partners more knowledgeable in this area than we are; to gather evidence from our community and see how they could be better solved.

The list below is a complex on to solve, but we try our best. We co-ordinate our efforts with our partners to make London a better place to raise a family. Amongst the questions we grapple with are:-


  1. What’s the boroughs commitments to social housing?
  2. How is affordable housing linked to wages?
  3. What is being done for young people?
  4. What is being done to ensure local properties are affordable for those who live in the borough?
  5. Community Land Trust; Is this model viable as an alternative to the present moving of residence away due to lack of housing.
  6. Now Stratford is a City; How near to reality can residence dream of working in Westfield Shopping Centre; earning a Living wage let alone living in Stratford?

These are the generic problems that our community in the London Borough of Newham face daily, which is why we are working with the local authority to see how best to help residence and those most vulnerable.