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The echoes from the World Youth Day – Panama:


Thursday, 24 January 2019

Dear Young People, good evening!

How good it is to get together again, this time in a land that receives us with such radiance and warmth! As we gather in Panama, World Youth Day is once more a celebration, a celebration of joy and hope for the whole Church and, for the world, a witness of faith.
I remember that in Krakow several people asked me if I was going to be in Panama, and I told them: “I don’t know, but certainly Peter will be there. Peter is going to be there”. Today I am happy to say to you: Peter is with you, to celebrate and renew you in faith and hope. Peter and the Church walk with you, and we want to tell you not to be afraid, to go forward with the same fresh energy and restlessness that helps make us happier and more available, better witnesses to the Gospel. To go forward, not to create a parallel Church that would be more “fun” or “cool” thanks to a fancy youth event, as if that were all you needed or wanted. That way of thinking would respect neither you nor everything that the Spirit is saying through you. (more…)

Our Journey has begun: Please invite a friend to come with you to Church

Date: Saturday 16th; Time: 10am – 3pm; Venue: St Stephen’s Parish – Manor Park

Thank you everyone for joining us on this journey of renewal for our parish community and all your welcome contributions so far. It feels like we are approaching a crucial time and the day we have planned for 16 February will be critical. At present we see on the day that there will be time for reflection and some time for planning around the areas we have set out. We hope that this can be presented to the parish at the beginning of Lent and you will have some people to work with during Lent to put some flesh onto the bones as we move towards one Sunday celebration at Easter.

As we continue to plan the day, please let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions at this stage. However the most important thing you can do is to help ensure that we have a good turn out on the day. I hope you will be able to commit to bringing four different people each with you, so that we have a critical mass to work with as we move forward.

Following our meeting in December and our day with the parish, Liam and myself have been reflecting on the best way forward to renew our Action Team. One of the things missing from the original plan is a smaller leadership team to discern the way forward over the coming year, and we are now in the process of establishing this.

We are hoping then to tweak the areas for development and appoint members of the Action Team to work on these areas during Lent. I’ll let you know where we are up to in the next week or two as we move forward. In the meantime may I encourage you to continue your conversations with parishioners as we seek to renew ourselves in the service of the Gospel.

Rev. Sean Connolly & Rev. Liam Hayes

The Diocese of Brentwood: ebulletin

Please find attached the first and second of our e- bulletins and I am copying it to your parishes as well.

As you will recall from earlier emails I would like each Parish Partnership to designate one person as the “Point Person” for communication purposes. This will help to keep communications efficient and effective. So very early in the New Year it would be very helpful if your partnership could let me know who is being designated for this purpose. click here to access the ebulletin.

Thank you all for the work you are doing and if I can ever be of assistance you know where I am!

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