The Over 60's

Like any other community, St. Stephen`s parish has a trickle of elderly parishioners that we are looking after. We are proud of the fact that we have people within us who have been blessed with long life ' may God bless them, who had contributed immensly, in one way or the other, that made the bedrock of our community. The young people, and congregation look up to this generation for wisdom and moral guidence, something we cherish.

Our dedicated team of perishioners are doing all that God blesses them with to keep them entertained.
At the moment, we meet once a month for tea, sandies, home-made cakes, jokes and chats.

If you have hit 60 or more, and want to meet up with your contemporaires over a cupa, do come along. You do not have to belong to any religion or faith group, all you need is an open heart and ready to share or absord the wit from the rest of the group. If you know someone who may be interested, lifts are available too for those who may find it difficult to get here.

Over 60If you are below 60, and would love to help out, you are codially welcomed. Your presence would mean a lot.

For more information please keep an eye on the newsletter. If you need to speak to someone about joining this group, do not hesitate to contact Julien Gibb through the Parish Office contact. Equally, you may speak to the Parish Priest after mass.  

St. Stephen's Community Room14h00 - 16h00Once a month