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TELCO was launched in 1996. At the founding Assembly, over 1,300 people from 30 diverse communities gathered in York Hall, Bethnal Green, to commit to working together for the common good. The east London community organisation as it is called in full operates under the auspices of the citizens UK umbrella. Amongst the campaigns the organisation had proudly undertaken are amongst others;


  • City safe Zones,
  • Living Wage,
  • Housing
  • Social Care


Over the last 15 years, TELCO has pioneered Community Organising in the UK and as part of London Citizens now counts over 250 communities in membership. By bringing communities together and training leaders in the skills of public life, TELCO is changing the way politics happens in London

"Citizens UK: What`s Community Organising"

Do you want to be involved in shaping your community and make a difference in people's lives? We are all over London and in most of the major cities in the UK.

You can download the pdf files below:
29, Jan, 2015 - Citizen's UK manifesto 2015 :::