SVP - St. Vincent De Paul Society

SVPThe St Vincent de Paul Society (or as it is often known - the SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing practical assistance to those in need - irrespective of ideology, faith, ethnicity, age or gender.

The Society is a lay organisation initially formed in Paris in 1833 by Blessed Frédéric Ozanam and his companions and active in England & Wales since 1844. Placed under the Patronage of St Vincent de Paul, it is inspired by his thinking and works. It seeks, in the spirit of justice and charity, to help those who are suffering poverty in whatever form.

SVP Conference of St. Stephen's Parish

St. Vincent de Paul Conference of St. Stephen's Parish was re-launched on 29th June 2014. They are a group of volunteers within the Parish with the aim of providing practical assistance to the community regardless of creed, belief, ideology, age, gender or ethnicity.


 The aim remains; to provide spiritual benefit to its members and practical help to people in need in the community and beyond. 

If you would like to join us, just come to our meetings which will be advertised in the newsletter. Together we can make a difference.

SVPMini Vinnies is a Christian organisation which gets children to put their faith into action. Members give support to people in their community, meeting them face to face and trying to help them in any way they can.

St Winefrides "Mini Vinnies"  began meeting together on 11th June 2014. So far  they have been presented with a badge and certificate and are currently in the process of electing a president. The Mini Vinnies had their first fund raising event on Sunday, 29th June 2014, where they worked collaboratively with members of the adult SVP Conference of St. Stephen's and raised £22 towards the Mini Vinnies fund. 

Once the children have raised a substantial amount of money they will go on to decide as a group where they feel there is a need for this money.

12, Apr, 2015 - SVP Minutes