RSHM ( Religious of the Secred Heart of Mary )

The institute of the Sacred Heart of Mary - RSHM, was founded in 1849 when a group of women gathered together to form a community dedicated to the works of Fr.Jean Gailhac, a priest in Beziers, France.

Each member of this group brought her own talents and capabilities; each assumed responsibility for some aspect of the common mission. They sought to be followers of Jesus who came that all may have life and to grow in the knowledge and love of God.

As they responded to the needs of their times and reflected on the Gospel, the sisters began to diversify their work beyond schools into other social, pastoral and educational ministries.

Our lives continue to be rooted in the Gospel, as we journey with the people of Manor Park. Each sister brings her own contribution to the life of the parish and walks alongside all who are striving for justice, so that all may have life.

From our Constitutions:

*Faithful to our heritage,

Attentive to the signs of the times

And the call of the Church.*

We are committed to the service of evangelical justice wherever we are and Whatever our ministry.