Religious Orders

There are men and women who have dedicated their lives to prayer, service to the community, and devotion in the Roman Catholic Church as far back as 6th Century. These people belong to the Holy Orders. Holy Orders are associations of men and women, most of whom, commit themselves to specific communities in which they live to specific religious rule.
Most members of religious Orders make public vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as an act of devotion and in imitation of Jesus. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes three different types of religious orders;
  1. Monastic
  2. Mendicant (Friar)
  3. Canon Regular ( priests living in a community and active in a particular parish).
Female Religious Orders, as well as their male counterpart,  could easily be recognized by the way the dress, but some don't nowadays. Many of the female Orders are dedicated to teaching and service. Religious Orders all follow a particular religious rule, the most common include the Rule of St. Benedict, St. Augustine, or St. Basil, each of which stresses different aspects of religious Life.
The two female religious Orders below work with the Catholic community in Manor Park .