Readers information

This space will be for readers training and sharing of information

Reading chapters

Everything should go back to normal on 7th September 2014.

15th Sunday of Year (A)

Due to the ongoing training & youth development, readers for the week mentioned above will not be required. Our newly confirmed young people, as was this week, will do the readings. Your support and understanding is deeply appreciated with regards to this matter.

Just for the trial period...

18th Sunday of Year A

From the 3rd August - 6th September 2014, the choir master will be on leave. Readers must bear in mind that Psalms and the Alleluia will not be sung as usual. The Reader will read the Psalms and the congregation follow with the response. Equally, the reader will read the lines after the Alleluia before the Gospel. 

If in doubt ask the Priest.  

Fr. Sean