After birth, the most important step in our lives is our baptism.It is a graced moment marking the beginning of our relationship with God. Sharing God's life means placing ourselves in his hands, walking in his company, belonging to his family, reaching out to others in need and being able to call God 'Father' from that day forward. It is the beginning of our faith journey for we have been chosen for a mission in the world today.

We are blessed to have so many babies for Baptism each year in our parish, the future looks very promising and judging from the sounds in the church each Sunday coming from our little parishioners, the choir also has a great future!

We have Baptism preparation sessions every two months and Baptisms are celebrated on the first two weekends of each month.

We look on this time of preparation as an opportunity for the .parents to reflect on their own faith journey and on what they have received and are going to pass on to their children. The Church tells us that the parents are the first and the best of teachers of the faith for their children, so we always hope that this time will help them reflect on this. We always find that our parents enter fully into the program and participate enthusiastically during the sessions.

We have two preparation sessions. The first session gives the parents time to reflect on their responsibilities , and the very important role of the Godparents in their child's life.

The second session looks at the Baptism ceremony. Baptism is an entry into a community, a welcome into God's family, so the week before the baptism we have the Welcoming ceremony where the child is welcomed into the Christian community.

1 John 3:1 "Think of the love that the Father has lavished on us, by letting us be called God's own children; and that is what we are."
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